Finance News This Week: Boost for UAW, Rise in AI Chip Stock, Social Security Checks Increase

What’s Hot in Finance News This Week

GM’s deal for battery plant workers is a big boost for the UAW. Nvidia’s artificial intelligence chip stock is on the rise. The government says Social Security checks will rise next year.

MarketWatch (iPhone, Android) is free and offers breaking news coverage as well as market data and analysis. Users can create a watch list and follow stories related to their stock picks.

CNBC Breaking Business News

CNBC is the world’s leading business news network, reaching 371 million households worldwide. Its 15 hours of live business coverage on weekdays covers everything from breaking business news to in-depth financial market analysis.

The CNBC app offers a customizable watch list, real-time stock quotes and global market data. It also provides access to CNBC TV and live audio. The company also has an application called CNBC PRO that offers exclusive information, insights and access. Subscribers can get Jim Cramer’s thoughts, behind-the-scenes access to his Charitable Trust Portfolio and more.

CNBC’s “Fast Money” has helped people become better investors by teaching them how to analyze stocks and the market through the lens of events. The show’s hosts include Melissa Lee and a rotating panel of top traders. The show also covers the latest market news and focuses on government policies that can affect your pocketbook. “Last Call” is a fast-paced, entertaining show that dives into the intersection of money and culture.


Founded in 1996, TheStreet is a long-time player in the online financial news space. The company offers a wide range of subscription services to help investors navigate the market and make informed decisions. From basic financial literacy to real-time trading alerts, TheStreet has a service to suit every investor’s needs.

TheStreet was founded by Jim Cramer and Marty Peretz, who shared a vision of democratizing business news. They envisioned a website that would provide expert opinions and advice to all users, whether they are seasoned traders or novice investors.

TheStreet’s free content is a great way to gain insight into the stock market without spending any money. They also offer a variety of premium subscriptions that give access to stock recommendations, a model portfolio, and direct insights from the company’s experts. It is important to compare TheStreet’s subscription options and pricing to find the best fit for your investment needs. You should consider factors such as cost, reliability, and third-party ratings before committing to any service.

Bloomberg: Business News

In a media world of layoffs, restructuring and soul-searching, Bloomberg News seems to be doing something right. Its New York headquarters throb with an energy that runs deeper than its fish tanks, curved escalators and futuristic furniture. It’s about a style, a manifesto — The Bloomberg Way.

The company was founded by Michael Bloomberg in 1981 as a provider of economic and financial information. Its original product was a computer terminal that delivered second-by-second updates on financial markets. It soon expanded to include radio and television, newsletters and magazines, as well as its original business news service.

Bloomberg has an AllSides Media Bias Rating of Lean Left. Sources with a Lean Left bias support moderately liberal ideas and policy agendas. They also tend to be more supportive of government spending and regulation. The Bloomberg brand of news is best known for its focus on the economic and business issues that matter to modern business leaders and investors.


Seeking Alpha is an online investment platform that hosts vibrant financial discussions. It also features news and analysis on the market. Its crowdsourced content attracts more than 20 million visitors each month. Its Premium and Pro plans give users more actionable data on their investment portfolios. They can also connect their investment portfolios to receive alerts when news and articles are published on the tickers they invest in.

Founded in 2004, it claims to be the world’s largest investing community. Its name is derived from the Greek letter alpha, which represents the excess return of an investment compared to its benchmark. Its 7,000 contributors submit investment ideas each month. Each idea goes through a rigorous editorial review process. The website also provides information on the long-term track record of authors and requires them to disclose any conflict of interest. This helps ensure that the information on Seeking Alpha is impartial. The website also includes Quant Ratings and Factor Grades that measure a stock’s fundamentals.

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